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On behalf of The Rager Law Firm posted on August 31, 2020

When someone says things that are untrue about you, this can be more serious than simply behavior that harms a person’s feelings. This can also damage your reputation and defame your character. If someone has defamed your character, this can affect your credibility as well as your ability to keep your job. It is important to understand the difference between a person exercising their freedom of speech and your right to protect your name. At The Rager Law Firm, we want to discuss what you can do if someone has defamed your character. Our Los Angeles employment law attorneys are standing by to offer a consultation for your case today.

What does defamation look like?

There are two types of defamation that could give rise to legal action against the perpetrator – libel and slander.

Libel is written or published false information about a person that damages that person’s reputation. Libel can take the form of artwork, signs, and photographs as well. For example, if a person writes in a newspaper and says that you are a thief, but you are not, this is an example of libel.

Slander is another form of defamation that occurs when a person actually makes a verbal statement, rather than a written or published statement. An example of slander could include making the claim that someone is a member of the KKK when it is untrue, with the purpose of harming that person’s reputation.

What needs to be proven in a defamation case?

Proving libel is not often difficult, as this involves written remarks, artwork, photos, or other published material. This evidence is very difficult to destroy and can be used in the case. However, it will need to be shown that the statements published were, in fact, false.

In order for a slander charge to hold up in court, it needs to be proven that the statement was false and made maliciously. In most cases, it also needs to be shown that the slanderous statement was presented as fact, rather than the speaker’s opinion. Proving slander is going to be more difficult than proving libel, as this could turn into a “he said, she said” type of argument. If the slanderous statement was recorded, this significantly strengthens the case.

Unfortunately, a byproduct of social media is that it is easier than ever to defame a person’s character, and social media can reach tens or hundreds of thousands of people in an instant.

Will you need an attorney for a defamation case?

Defamation of character is far too common, and it is not fair that someone’s life and career can be turned upside down because of the written or spoken false statements of another person. If you or someone you care about has experienced defamation of your character, please contact The Rager Law Firm today. Our Los Angeles defamation attorneys will get to work helping you today. You could be entitled to significant compensation. Defamation happens regularly in the workplace, so let us help you get through this today. You can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling us at 310-527-6994.

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