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The Rager Law Firm is trusted, experienced and dedicated to resolving issues of denial of medical & benefits Pasadena workers and retired folks bring to our attention.
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On behalf of Rager Law Firm posted on December 29, 2017

Entering those long-anticipated retirement years is supposed to be rewarding. Finally, you can traverse the world without worrying about money, medical care or how bills are going to get paid.

What if there’s a sudden denial of medical & retirement benefits Pasadena retirees were patiently awaiting? Suddenly, your dreams of relaxing in Cancun are halted. Now there are claims, phone calls and endless headaches trying to fix what shouldn’t have been broken – your retirement benefits.

The Rager Law Firm understands the needs of retired folks, and fights diligently to preserve their financial freedoms.

Navigating The Often Flawed Retirement System

In 1974, ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) was enacted to protect retirees from being bilked out of money and medical benefits owed during their golden years. Specific to private sector employers, ERISA has specific components which The Rager Law Firm can litigate and recover damages for. They include:

  • After a predetermined period, pension benefits are to ‘vest’. Any Social Security offsetting must correctly calculate, or employers are liable for the loss.
  • If benefits were illegally amended, claimants have the right to sue for damages incurred.
  • If medical examinations were done unethically or purposely to benefit an employers case to deny benefits, damages occurred which you are entitled to recover.
  • If medical bills were denied payment because they were dubbed ‘experimental’ or ‘not medically necessary’, you’d have a case. An attorney who specifically handles denial of medical & retirement benefits Pasadena retired folks turn to for these claims is The Rager Law Firm.

Before any lawsuits arising from ERISA violations can be substantiated, a thorough internal review process will occur. Once denied internally, an appeals process will occur. After all appeals are exhausted, claimants may visit our office to determine next steps.

Why Medical Benefits are Often Denied

Medical bills get denied payment both before retirement, and during. The exact reasons for denial are specific to individual cases, although ‘blanket’ reasons exist. If you’ve been denied payment of medical expenses, some reasons may include:

  • Your medical claim was somehow deemed frivolous, or level of pain was misrepresented
  • Injuries were ‘faked’ in order to take an extended vacation
  • Level of disabling condition wasn’t extensive enough to merit time off work
  • Personal information was wrong or falsified

These are what medical benefits providers will claim. It’s our job at The Rager Law Firm to discern fact from fiction in building a strong case against the medical insurer or benefits provider.

Pasadena Retirees Deserve Stress-Free Living

Retirement benefits and medical care you earned shouldn’t be begged for. Major procedures, even minor medical conditions, shouldn’t be chalked up as ‘exploratory’ or ‘unnecessary’ when, in fact, you’re in pain.

All too often, however, retirees and those medically in need find themselves pleading with benefits providers to get what they’re promised. It’s menacing to bargain with companies who took your premiums all these years, only to deny claims when they need paid the most.

The Rager Law Firm is trusted, experienced and dedicated to resolving issues of denial of medical & benefits Pasadena workers and retired folks bring to our attention.

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