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If retired folks failed to recover the benefits then contact medical and retirement benefits lawyer at Rager Law Firm to get the pension benefits.
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Wrongly denied medical claims can lead to further health problems caused by stress. Retirement benefits owed that aren’t fully paid, or delayed in paying, could force retired folk to work part-time to make ends meet.

The Rager Law Firm will provide an exceptionally skilled Riverside denial of medical and retirement benefits attorney to assist in recovering what’s owed to you, plus any backpay. Any suffering may be also paid to claimants if deemed proper by the courts.

Suffering Financial Burdens? Let Rager Law Firm Help.

When folks need their medical bills paid, but claims get denied, a lengthy process ensues. Same things happen when folks prepare to collect retirement benefits. Afterall, you’ve worked hard to pay insurance premiums, save your money and were promised pension benefits upon retirement. Why wait for them?

Where retirement and medical benefits are concerned, there are major laws protecting you:

  • ERISA, which mandates retirement benefits (stands for Employee Retirement Income Security Act) and what each employee is entitled to.
  • HIPAA, an act which mainly handles how information is shared and made available to others (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).
  • COBRA, providing insurance to employees for a predetermined period of time after they leave or retire (stands for Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act).
  • PPACA, or Obamacare, gives every American the right to affordable and accessible health coverage. Whereas before preexisting conditions weren’t covered, PPACA takes away an insurer’s right to include those conditions as a basis for denial of benefits.

These laws protect retired folks’ income, and everyone’s right to healthcare which includes having claims paid without having to ‘twist arms’, per se. Companies love collecting your premiums but hate paying claims.

Claims Denied? Benefits Not Paid?

ERISA and ACA (Obamacare) allow employees who had their claims denied to appeal. An arbiter, or administrator, will review your appeal and must rule fairly, without prejudice or bias. After being denied on appeal, you’re afforded the opportunity to file suit.

The Rager Law Firm, with numerous successful suits against companies, is the Riverside denial of medical and retirement benefits attorney chosen by employees like you. We can help retired folks recover benefits not paid, employees navigate the appeals process and hold insurers accountable for failing in their duty to provide.

Where pension benefits are concerned, the timeline for pension plans to respond to claims is 90 days. Any extensions necessary to continue reviewing your claim must be made to the claimant in writing. If your claim is denied, you must appeal within 60 days. From there, the pension plan administrator has 120 days to re-review the initial claim and appeal, then finalize their decision.

We help retired folks file suit to recover monies owed to them. It’s important that you contact The Rager Law Firm to help navigate this time-consuming process, as legal jargon and responding to appeals may be more than most wish to handle.

Upholding medical and retirement benefits laws, leveraging our contacts and turning an overall bad claims experience into something beneficial for clients is The Rager Law Firm way.

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