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For millions of Americans, receiving their medical and retirement benefits can mean the world. Nobody wants to reach their twilight years without all the comforts they are entitled to receive. Securing the help of a well-versed Los Angeles labor employment attorney can help alleviate the stress associated with the denial of medical and retirement benefits in Los Angeles. Denials are common and it’s important you hire adequate legal representation to protect your rights.


Independent medical examiners are generally hired by the retirement system to evaluate all applications for benefits. These doctors’ jobs are to protect against claims submitted by the retirement system, worker’s comp carriers, and insurance companies. In other words, these doctors may deny the benefits in order to keep patients coming back. This is why it’s important that you get a copy of your initial evaluation once a doctor evaluates you. If your benefits are denied, this document may serve as evidence in a case involving denial of medical and retirement benefits in Los Angeles.


It can be disappointing to find a large medical bill in the mail. The main reason why an insurance company will deny health insurance benefits is when they consider the medical procedure is:

  • Not medically necessary
  • Experimental

If you were offered medical insurance through your employer, then you must appeal the insurance company’s final decision. You have the right as an employee to file a lawsuit. The Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) protect employees against discrimination from their health insurance company on the basis of protected characteristics such as age, race, gender, etc. It also prohibits retaliation for reporting ACA violations. You may also have a case if your employer cuts your hours to avoid health coverage.


Reasons for denial of medical and retirement benefits in Los Angeles will vary from case to case. Some common denial reasons include:

  • The injuries sustained were not serious enough to disable the employee.
  • Exaggerating injuries in order to stop working.
  • The findings prove that you are not having the pain you claim.

Denials can be devastating, stressful and frightening. Some of these employees are out of work for months. Many of them have to go through a long process when denied medical and retirement benefits, especially those who don’t have a Los Angeles labor employment attorney representing them.


It’s beneficial for employees entitled to medical benefits and retirement rights to consult with a Los Angeles labor employment attorney familiar with their situation as soon as they feel they can’t work any longer. These attorneys are experts at handling these types of cases. If the retirement system has obtained a report against the worker, chances are he or she won’t be able to get much without professional legal advice. Contact the Rager Law Firm today and schedule your FREE initial case evaluation with of one of our Los Angeles labor employment attorneys.

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