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On behalf of Rager Law Firm posted on December 29, 2017

American workplaces offer an opportunity for men and women who possess certain skillsets to enjoy long, bountiful careers. Federal and California state laws protect wages, health benefits and safety within each sector of employment. Sometimes, however, employers purposely infringe on employee rights, taking away opportunities from deserving individuals and giving them to ‘buddies’ or those who may benefit them personally later down the road.

The Rager Law Firm is one of California’s most prestigious resource for those seeking Riverside employment law mediation. Featuring an attorney with decades of trial experience, many cases where wronged workers came into our office to fight employment inequality exist within our firm.

What Employment Laws Apply To Me?

If you’re employed by any U.S. business with California locations, both California and Federal laws, such as EEOC, Civil Rights Act, and FMLA, were enacted to make sure employers pay workers fairly, afford each person the opportunity to advance and provide safe working conditions.

As you’ve probably read in local news, not every employer follows Riverside employment law, much less Federal mandates.

Has productivity been overtaken by an employer’s workplace malice? We litigate when employees:

  • Get wrongfully terminated for reporting unsafe incidents or corporate fraud, known as whistleblowing. Other defamatory names are often used in place of whistle blower.
  • Are told leaving to attend a family member’s funeral, wife’s pregnancy or other family emergency will lead to termination.
  • Work in nearly impossible conditions when they’ve made public their inability to perform certain duties due to disabling conditions.
  • Have difficulty moving up because they’re not offering bosses sexual favors.
  • Are passed up for promotion because they’re Native American, African American, Chinese or the likes.
  • Get segregated or turned down for employment because of religious beliefs.
  • Find themselves the butt end of jokes, including physical or emotional humiliation.
  • Work overtime hours but are reclassified to avoid getting paid for extra time.

There are many more employer violations The Rager Law Firm has tried and successfully settled in and out of court. Each case is unique both in facts and circumstances, so bring your workplace law violations to our Riverside employment law firm to determine next steps.

As of January 1, 2018, employers can also be held accountable for inquiring into a prospective employee’s past wages, and for using criminal conviction history against potential hires. Both AB1209 and AB1008, respectively, were huge victories for potential employees who were scrutinized based off past wage earnings or unrelated criminal history.

Workplace Safety Is Your Right

Most hardworking folks visiting our office have some form of workplace safety issue. Bear in mind ‘safety’ casts a wide net into the employment pond. For example, wage tampering threatens the safety of your finances and standard of living; OSHA violations threaten health and impair your ability to properly perform daily tasks.

While we’re pretty specific to practicing in Riverside County and surround vicinities, Riverside employment law advocates at The Rager Law Firm know California and Federal labor codes.

From sexual harassment to retaliation, expect nothing less than 100% of our time and effort in settling your case for what you deserve.

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