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Kaiser Permanente is a valuable employer in Southern California. It provides thousands of employees with steady paychecks on a regular basis. However, it also has a history of taking advantage of these employees by violating their state and federal rights. It sometimes overlooks the extra protections that healthcare workers have in California. Thankfully, when this happens, workers can term to The Rager Law Firm as a Diamond Bar Kaiser Permanente attorney who has extensive experience helping employees with their claims against this huge employer.

Employment Discrimination Claims Against Kaiser Permanente

Employment discrimination occurs when you are treated less favorably at work. While some forms of discrimination, such as based on personality, skill, or experience, are perfectly legal, other forms of discrimination are against the law.

Your discrimination must be based on a “protected status” for it to be illegal. Examples of traits that are protected by law in California include:

  • Race, color, or national origin
  • Religion
  • Ancestry
  • Sex
  • Pregnancy (including childbirth and related medical conditions)
  • Disability (physical or mental)
  • Age for those over 40 years old
  • Genetic information
  • Marital status
  • Sexual orientation
  • Medical condition
  • Military or veteran status
  • Political activities or affiliations
  • Status as a domestic violence victim or related occurrences

If Kaiser Permanente takes adverse employment action against you for reasons that are listed above, then you may have a claim for discrimination. In addition, if your employment ended because of a reason related to the list above, then you might also be able to sue for wrongful termination as well.

Discrimination claims often also go hand-in-hand with harassment claims. In many circumstances, if an employer has taken discriminatory action against you, other employees or managers may also be harassing you at the same time as well.

Get Experience on Your Side

The Rager Law Firm has been helping employees of Kaiser Permanente assert their legal rights against this company for over 20 years. Even after hundreds of lawsuits, Kaiser will still occasionally discriminate, retaliate, or wrongfully terminate their employees for reasons that are not permitted by law. When this happens, you need a Kaiser Permanente attorney to help you with your claim.

Because Kaiser goes through these claims relatively often, they have their own arbitration procedures that must be followed in employment cases. Nearly every employee has signed an agreement that requires they use an arbitration process to decide their employment law claim. The Rager Law Firm is very familiar with these procedures and can be an invaluable resource as you work through this type of claim.

Take Steps to Assert Your Legal Rights!

The Rager Law Firm, as a Diamond Bar Kaiser Permanente Attorney, offers a free consultation service. This process allows you to meet our team and it gives us the opportunity to consider the facts of your circumstances n to determine whether you have a valid legal claim. The process is completely free, and there is no obligation to retain our firm if you decide we are not a good fit. Call today to set up your free consultation. You can also contact us online by using the form below.

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