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Kaiser Permanente employs over 20,000 healthcare workers. It is a huge health care provider in Southern California and several other parts of the country. When companies get this big, they sometimes ignore employment law requirements in favor of cutting costs and increasing income. Unfortunately, both workers and patients may suffer when this happens.

The Rager Law Firm has been helping employees assert their rights against Kaiser Permanente for over 15 years. We have had some great results for clients, but Kaiser Permanente still continues to take advantage of its staff and engage in illegal employment actions in some cases.

No matter how big Kaiser Permanente becomes, they still have an obligation to treat their employees with dignity and respect—and follow California and federal law. The Rager Law Firm has helped clients deal with employment claims against Kaiser Permanente related to:

  • Wrongful termination
  • Retaliation
  • Discrimination
  • Harassment

If you feel that your employer or even co-workers have violated employment laws, you need to contact a Downey Kaiser Permanente attorney to examine your situation and make recommendations on what you should do next.

What is Employment Discrimination?

Employment discrimination occurs when someone else treats you differently in the workplace. It could be with regard to getting a job in the first place, or it could be the assignments you receive at work. It could also involve whether you get the same pay, benefits, or paid time off as other people. Although some discrimination is legal, such as discrimination based on skills or experience, other forms are explicitly prohibited based on federal and state laws in California.

Certain traits get “protected status” in the workplace, such as race, age, nationality, genetic information, sex, and disability. When an employer engages in discrimination based on these traits, illegal activity may have occurred. You might have the ability to sue Kaiser Permanente for damages that were caused by their discrimination.

Discrimination comes in many forms. Below are just a few examples based on federal anti-discrimination laws:

  • Unfair treatment based on a protected status
  • Harassment by your supervisor, co-workers, or even third parties that is based on your protected status
  • Denial of a reasonable workplace change to accommodate a protected status
  • Improper questions or required disclosure of your medical information or genetic information
  • Retaliation because you asserted one of your rights as an employee

California also encourages healthcare workers to report poor patient care, so they have made it illegal to retaliate against an employee who advocates for appropriate care for patients.

Learn Your Rights as a Worker in Downey, California

As an employee, you have more rights than you realize. You are entitled to a safe workplace that is free of discrimination and harassment. You also have the right to complain about discrimination, report harassment, and notify the state about health code violations or other illegal activities without fear of retaliation. Unfortunately, there are situations where Kaiser Permanente has been known to disregard these rights. In those cases, you need to learn more about what steps you can take to assert your rights against this large employer.

The Rager Law Firm can help. Give our Downey Kaiser Permanente attorneys a call today to set up a free consultation. Let us work with you to create a plan of action!

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