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Are you an employee of Kaiser Permanente? Or, has your employment with them just ended? Do you feel like your rights are being ignored or abused at work? Or, does it seem like the reason your employment stopped is far-fetched or beyond your control? In these situations, you might have a legal claim against Kaiser Permanente for violation of your rights as an employee in California. You need to learn more by speaking with a Lynwood Kaiser Permanente attorney as soon as possible.

Get Experience You Can Count On

The Rager Law Firm has over 15 years of experience helping current and former employees of Kaiser Permanente with their employment law claims. These cases often involve:

Our team is familiar with the unique arbitration process that Kaiser Permanente uses to litigate claims related to their over 20,000 employees. The fact that Kaiser Permanente has its own system to deal with claims should tell you a lot about how large this employer truly is and how often these claims occur.

What Damages are Available in Employment Law Claims in Lynwood?

You may have the ability to get money damages after you have been mistreated at work. Damages in employment law claims are generally based on the idea that you should receive money that you would have gotten if the discrimination or other illegal act had not occurred. Damages may be measured based on different concepts if your employment law claim is based on a contract with Kaiser Permanente, however.

Damages in employment law claims will often include:

  • Lost future wages, including planned bonuses and raises in some cases
  • Back pay awards
  • Attorneys’ fees
  • Emotional or physical pain and suffering

In some cases, you might also be allowed to claim punitive damages. These damages are less focused on your losses and, instead, are designed to punish the employer for wrongdoing.

Kaiser Permanente uses an arbitration process for their employment law claims. As part of that process, your damages may be limited in some circumstances. Because The Rager Law Firm is very familiar with the arbitration process, our team can examine your situation and determine if you should be concerned about any potential damage limitations that might affect your claim.

Using the Kaiser Permanente Arbitration Process

Arbitration is a legal process that the parties elect to use instead of going to a traditional public court. You present your evidence and information to a neutral third party, the arbitrator, and he or she decides your case, much like a judge would.

There are a number of benefits to arbitration, including the fact that you can get someone who has specialized knowledge and experience to decide your case. You can also usually get a decision much faster. It’s also less formal than most courtrooms, which means that it may take less time to prepare.

With all of its benefits, there are some drawbacks to Kaiser Permanente’s arbitration process that you should be aware of. The Rager Law Firm can walk you through these concern areas, including the arbitrator’s potential bias against you and toward Kaiser Permanente. Contact The Rager Law Firm, your resident Lynwood Kaiser Permanente attorney, to learn more about your rights as a Kaiser Permanente employee.

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