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California provides specific rights to healthcare workers who report patient care problems. If you are a healthcare worker, your employer cannot terminate your employment for reporting unsafe patient care conditions. In fact, they cannot take any adverse action regarding your job just for reporting a patient care incident.

Kaiser Permanente has been known to “create” reasons to end employment with certain workers after they report violations of patient care standards. If you think that type of situation may have happened to you, you need to talk to a Pasadena Kaiser Permanente attorney to learn more about your rights as a healthcare worker.

California Laws that Protect Your Rights as a Healthcare Worker

California has specific laws that apply to healthcare workers. In fact, three are directly related to retaliation for reporting patient care problems.

  • Health and Safety Code Section 1278.5
  • Business and Professions Code Section 510
  • Business and Professions Code Section 2056

The State of California wants to protect patients in the healthcare setting, which is why it encourages and sometimes requires workers to report problems with patient care, including neglect, abuse, and poor conditions. This also extends to physicians and surgeons as well.

Getting Experienced Legal Help in Pasadena

The Rager Law Firm has been fighting employment cases against Kaiser Permanente for over 15 years. Unfortunately, Kaiser Permanente continues to violate employment laws in some circumstances, despite The Rager Law Firm’s successes against them in employment law issues in the past.

The Rager Law Firm has helped employees with various claims, including:

Our team can evaluate your case and use our prior knowledge about Kaiser Permanente’s internal practices and procedures to your advantage.

Working through Kaiser Permanente’s Arbitration Process

Most employees that work for Kaiser Permanente, from doctors to administrative support staff, have signed an agreement that limits their legal rights to using Kaiser Permanente’s arbitration procedure instead of going directly to your local court in Pasadena. This procedure is unique to Kaiser Permanente. As a large company that employs over 20,000 people, this arbitration process is supposed to make litigation easier and run faster. However, because Kaiser Permanente created the system, it can be biased.

The Rager Law Firm has worked with Kaiser Permanente’s arbitration system for years. We not only know the procedural requirements, but we are also well aware of potential areas where bias might occur. We fight hard for your rights as an employee throughout the arbitration process. If you must use this procedure, then we want to help you make it as fair as possible.

There may also be situations where you do not have to use the arbitration process. If that is the case, then The Rager Law Firm can help you with your employment claim in local court as well.

If you have been wrongfully terminated for reporting patient care problems, or for another reason that you believe violates federal or state law, you may have a legal claim. You need to speak with a Pasadena Kaiser Permanente attorney to determine your rights in these situations. Do not wait to get this process started! Call today to request an appointment.

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