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Kaiser Permanente is a managed healthcare company that is based in Oakland, California. This healthcare giant employs over 20,000 people and sees hundreds of patients every day. Employees may also be employed by Kaiser’s affiliate companies, including:

  • Southern California Permanente Medical Group
  • The Permanente Medical Group
  • Kaiser Foundation Hospitals
  • Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.
  • The Permanente Federation, LLC

When companies get this big, however, they sometimes skirt the laws regarding employee issues, working conditions, and health violations. But, just because a company is big does not mean that the rules don’t apply to them. In fact, ensuring that they are following state and federal employment laws is even more important for these large employers.

The Rager Law Firm Has the Experience You Need

The Rager Law Firm, as a Rancho Cucamonga Kaiser Permanente attorney, has been filing cases against Kaiser Permanent on behalf of its employees for over 15 years.

Although Rager has had some successful results, including several multi-million-dollar verdicts, many of Kaiser Permanente’s unfair and illegal practices continue. These claims often involve claims under the Fair Labor Standards Act and Equal Employment Opportunity Act.

Because of Rager’s extensive experience and knowledge regarding Kaiser Permanent and its practices, he offers a unique perspective and insight that you cannot get anywhere else.

Getting Help When You Need It Most

Kaiser Permanente has faced many lawsuits on the same employment-related issues, including

  • Harassment
  • Retaliation for asserting your rights
  • HIPAA violations
  • Discrimination
  • Wrongful termination

Facing this type of opponent may not seem like an option for you. However, with assistance from The Rager Law Firm, you can level the playing field and get an experienced professional on your side. You do not have to fight back alone. A Rancho Cucamonga employment attorney can help.

This huge company has an experienced team of attorneys that defend its interests. Although these large companies may think that they can take advantage of their workers, you have rights under both federal and state law that you can assert if you are being mistreated at work.

Starting the Investigation

Whenever The Rager Law Firm considers a case, they begin by gathering evidence and information. This stage of the process is critical, and getting the right information can have a significant impact on your case. The Rager Law Firm will talk with witnesses, request information, and ask the right questions.

Every case is different, and sometimes the information you need for one case is not the same data you need for the next. A Rancho Cucamonga Kaiser Permanente attorney who has experience dealing with this huge entity will know who to speak with to get the information you need to build your case.

Get Help: Make the Call to The Rager Law Firm

The Rager Law Firm has worked against Kaiser Permanente for years. Rager knows the tricks that they will try and how to fight back. If you feel that your employment with Kaiser Permanente in the Rancho Cucamonga area has ended for an illegal reason or you are being mistreated at work, you have legal rights. Jeffrey Rager can be an invaluable asset in this confusing and challenging time. Call today at 310-527-6994 to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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