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The last thing any employee expects is that they will be put into a situation where they must share information about illegal or fraudulent activity in their workplace. However, the team at the Rager Law Offices is here to help. When you need a Long Beach whistleblower attorney, we are going to stand by your side and ensure that you are protected under the state and federal whistleblower laws. Our qualified and experienced will investigate your case and get to work immediately.

What does it mean to be a whistleblower?

Whistleblowers are incredibly important to society because they shed light on illegal or fraudulent activities by their employers that the public would not otherwise know about. However, coming forward can be hard on an employee, particularly if they have participated in, or have been asked to participate in, the illegal or fraudulent activity.

The good news is that California has strong whistleblower protection laws. These laws are in place to ensure that employees cannot be retaliated against when they come forward with information about the employer.

In this state, whistleblower protections extend to:

  • Employees who come forward to the police or regulatory agencies to report the illegal or fraudulent activities of their employer. These protections include those who come forward about suspected activity, even if they have no concrete evidence.
  • Workers who submit internal reports to their supervisors or agency watchdogs, as well as those who make reports to government agencies or commissions conducting investigations.
  • Those who do not work directly with an employer, including third-party contractors.

Our whistleblower attorneys understand that there are various reasons that a person may need to come forward to make a report. This can include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Violations of state or federal labor laws
  • Reporting unsafe working conditions
  • Reporting workplace discrimination or harassment
  • Knowledge of illegal dumping or pollution
  • Reporting of wasteful activity by public agencies

Are qui tam claims different?

Qui tam claims are also considered whistleblower cases, but these focus on employer fraud. This can include what is considered “white collar” criminal issues committed by an employer such as the following:

  • Stock and securities fraud
  • Healthcare fraud (Medicare/Medicaid)
  • Tax fraud (political, business, non-profit agency, etc.)
  • Any fraud concerning government funds

In qui tam cases, the person who makes the whistleblower claim could be eligible to receive up to 30% of all monies recovered as a result of a claim being made. These cases often result in significant settlements for whistleblowers, and a Long Beach whistleblower attorney will assist in every aspect of these cases.

We are ready to help you through this

You likely have many questions about what whistleblowing means and what kind of protection you are afforded under the law. At the Rager Law Offices, we are dedicated to providing sound legal assistance to people in your situation. Our attorneys will ensure you are protected and that you receive any compensation you are entitled to if you are retaliated against by your employer. For qui tam claims, we will pursue any compensation you are eligible for. When you need help, contact our Long Beach whistleblower attorneys today by clicking here or calling us at 310-527-6994 for a free consultation.

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