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Terminated from your job because you opted to undergo a gender-altering procedure? Did your supervisor refer to you as something other than African American? Making fun of, denying opportunity to or otherwise disparaging employees due to race, gender, heritage or physical appearance is both hurtful, and illegal.

The Rager Law Firm, a proactive Riverside workplace discrimination attorney specializing in workplace law, extends a heartfelt apology to anyone enduring discriminatory treatment while working, or applying for work. Much like our clients, we’re ready to take swift action against employers who verbally, physically, emotionally or financially attack our clients.

The Process of Filing Discrimination Claims

Discrimination comes in multiple forms. Did you know employers can’t even discriminate against genetic testing results? It’s in GINA (Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act), which rolled out in 2008. Regardless what Act, section or title of American employment law is broken, every case The Rager Law Firm handles has its own standard of proof, and process which we attack these wrongful acts.

To begin claims, a Riverside workplace discrimination attorney will need claimants to file formally with the EEOC within 180 calendar days of the incident. Once a formal investigation has completed, your next steps depend on the EEOC’s findings.

If they’ve ruled not enough evidence exists to punish the company directly, they’ll issue a Notice of Right to Sue, allowing employees to seek private action against their employer. If the EEOC finds enough probable cause exists to mediate a solution, they’ll try that first. Should an employer refuse to settle with an employee, the case would then head to the EEOC legal staff who can jointly sue with a disparaged employee.

If other civil or employment rights were violated not covered by EEOC rules during the course of an employer’s discrimination, the appropriate agency can be contacted to commence investigations into wrongdoing.

What a Riverside Workplace Discrimination Attorney Can Do

Some employees feel helpless, don’t understand filing procedures or are being coerced not to seek EEOC mediation. With few options, they come to our office hoping someone will listen, perhaps intervene on their behalf.

We’re able to handle numerous claims stemming from workplace discrimination, including:

  • Gender disparity in the workplace, including income and advancement opportunities being denied due to gender.
  • Racial bigotry. Giving bonuses, extra hours and other perks to one race while cutting off another from similar perks simply because of color or creed is uncalled for, and violates civil statues.
  • Disability segregation. Not allowing individuals with disabilities to advance, failure to reasonably accommodate individuals with disabilities or retaliating against disable persons because they’re reporting unethical acts violates numerous employment and civil codes.

The Rager Law firm will challenge any employer’s reasoning for acting inappropriately. Before filing cases in court, we’ll always present options to offending employers which allow us to settle your case favorably before heading to court.

Discrimination at the workplace is wrong. Our Riverside workplace discrimination attorney, with decades working for employees who’ve been mistreated due to age, race, color and disability knows employment law.

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