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Some executive approaches you, a financial professional responsible for safeguarding records and reports. Due to be released Monday is an earnings report that may jeopardize company stock. He asks you to type up another report ‘overestimate earnings’ at the behest of other executives. That’s the report he wants sent to regulatory bodies.

But you refuse. The original report enters mainstream media, company stock plummets by no direct action of your own, and you’re immediately fired for failing to comply with an executive’s direct order to commit fraud.

This situation, along with similar actions, merit phoning a Riverside wrongful termination attorney at The Rager Law Firm.

Under California law, being terminated for failing to violate public policy is nearly a slam-dunk wrongful termination case. By no means are you obligated to, much less allowed to, break laws to maintain stable employment?

Wrongfully Terminated? We’re Willing To Fight

Cases of wrongful termination see damages consistent with tort law, meaning compensation expands well past wage and benefit losses. Suffering, punitive damages, emotional distress, and anxiety, along with medical bills that ensued from treating depression and similar issues stemming from job loss may be awarded by judges or juries in California.

With an aggressive Riverside wrongful termination attorney working on your case, your odds of successfully holding an employer accountable for illegal firing increase tenfold.

As employees from public and private sectors are empowered to sue employers for wrongful termination, don’t fear retaliation or think your place of employment is exempt; The Rager Law Firm can help determine case eligibility and will begin working on collecting evidence immediately.

Discrimination-based discharges fall under wrongful termination, too.

Terminated For Not Breaking The Law?

Failing to violate public policy, break Federal or State laws, or being coerced to cover up actions which may label you an accomplice to criminal activities are not grounds for termination. Seems redundant our law firm needs to address this, but some employers just don’t get it.

We’ve taken cases where employees were downright terrified their failure to break company laws would land them in jail, fearing someone would frame them for crimes they didn’t commit.

Refusing to abuse children, forge documents, engage in insider trading, or being retaliated against for reporting these activities, are more cases of wrongful termination which our experienced Riverside wrongful termination attorney will seek maximum compensation for clients.

Is Constructive Discharge Covered?

Begin forced to submit resignation if public policy laws weren’t broken is considered constructive discharge. The standard of proof is that any reasonable employee would resign if work conditions were unbearable, or legally unethical, and resigning was the only available recourse. These cases are growing in popularity as employees feel pressured to either act illegally, or quit.

Compensation rights for constructive or wrongful termination are identical.

If you feel that failing to comply with unreasonable demands led to your wrongful termination, it’s imperative you contact The Rager Law Firm today. As we are the Riverside wrongful termination firm of choice locally, we have significant knowledge of employment and tort law.

Don’t get bullied into illegally acting on your employer’s behalf. Call us today.

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